The Year of the Dog

BOW WOW! As dogs say in China.

The Chinese Year of The Dog is coming on Friday the 16th February, and it’s a great time to spend some time with us and perhaps have a meal at Kites, our favourite nearby Chinese restaurant. They really are exceptional, so we think they might be your favourite too.

There are of course loads of famous dogs :

Lassie …Scoobie Doo … Churchill no, that’s not what we mean!

Celebrated people born in the year of the dog include:

Dame Judi Dench, Sophia Loren, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Steven Spielberg, both Prince William and Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber, Madonna and Mother Teresa.

There are 12 animals represented on the Chinese zodiac; as well as the dog there is the boar, or pig; the rat; the ox; the tiger; the rabbit; dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey and the rooster.

You might be thinking that notable by its absence is the cat, which is usually well represented in Chinese culture, especially in those “beckoning cat” ornaments. Well, there is of course a story to that, for which we must go back to the far ancient times when the Jade Emperor decreed that the earthly calendar would be represented by 12 animals, and ordered the beasts and birds of the world to attend his palace, the first dozen to arrive are now those featured in the Chinese zodiac.

The Cat was too late to be included in the Zodiac. Don’t be late too, book Aberdeen Lodge before the year of the Rooster runs out and the Dog kicks in.

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